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Banner Bird!

Can you find your name?
What is this?

What's Going On Here?

Every year, businesses throughout North Houston and Montgomery County provide financial support for our program and its players. We are extremely fortunate to have these awesome sponsors and incredibly grateful for their support. In return, we provide excellent advertising through keyword-targeted links on our website. And of course, advertising is 100% tax deductible as a business expense. You can check out our business sponsors here.

But we also wanted to reecognize the wonderful friends, neighbors, and family members who support our players each year. And though it isn't tax deductible, we did try to make it fun.

Enter Banner Bird...

The 2020 Northside Falcons Banner Bird is a word cloud which, among other things, bears the names of friends, neighbors and family members (and you perhaps?) who have selected various levels of support for the Falcons season. A hard copy of the bird will appear on an actual banner along with some of our business sponsors. Normally, this banner would accompany the varsity team to the Home School World Series in Florida in late April / early May. Alas, due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 World Series was cancelled. So instead, we've produced a banner without the date and rather than going to a single event in Florida in 2020, it will appear at multiple local events in 2021. Of course another, dynamic version of the Banner Bird appears here.

So How Does This Work?

Depending on the level of support, a sponsor's name (or names) will appear larger, or a different color, or multiple times, or all of the above.

...pause.......Thank You, Sponsors!

All together, this creates a bit of a wacky layout that can be a bit much to take in. But that's part of the fun! For starters, if you're a sponsor (or a friend of one), see if you can find your name. If you chose one of the higher levels of support, it should be pretty easy. However, there may be multiple occurrences in various sizes...so see how many you can find. Otherwise, the task could be a bit more difficult. But perhaps this could help:

Tip #1: Use <CTRL> button and your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in

Tip #2: Run your mouse over the names and even the smallest will pop up large and readable

So...is that it?

For 2020, yes. Next year, we hope to reintroduce a trivia challenge in connection with the Banner Bird. Until then, stay tuned, stay safe, and...

Have fun!

Want In?

If you would like to become one of our individual sponsors and have your name on the Banner Bird, just get with any player you know and let him know. Or you can contact the director, Fred Watt directly at 936-443-1969. You can also download a form here.

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